The founder of ASSIST has received many testimonials for his hard work  and dedication in helping    s
student athletes succeed in the right direction and most importantly in life.

                                               Here are some tesimonials that Mr. Carter has received!

We the parents of Aaron Mitchell would like to give thinks for all he 
has done for  our son. Mr. Carter approached Aaron and talked with him 
about how assisted student athletes in college. There are many things athletes
do not know how to do when to applying to school with the attention in playing sports. 
We wanted to say we appreciated the assistance that Mr. Carter given and promoting Aaron basketball
skills to various colleges. Mr. Carter made sure Aaron video tapes from the 
North and South all star game have been recieved to various colleges. 
Aaron have had exposure to many open gym unsigned clinics for seniors.  
Many coaches have contaced Aaron because of Mr. Carter's hard work and determination 
to let various colleges to know about Aaron.  Mr. Carter was very instrumental in helping Aaron 
obtaining a full athletic scholarship to Manatee Community College a junior college 
located in Bradenton,Florida. 
   -Randolph and Denise Mitchell  
    Parents of Aaron Mitchell
    Longwood University

                                                                                                                                   (pictured: Aaron Mitchell )          

  " Mr. Carter has been great help to me. Since day one, he
    has always been positive. He has done so much for me he is 
            the reason why I attending  Cleveland State Community College.   
             He opened   my eyes to a different route which many players overlooked.  Instead of directly going to a four year he gave me such 
            options in enrolling in a junior college or prepatory school. He made  
               the necesssary phone calls that eventually landed me to a full scholarship. 
               truly recommend him to any one who is SERIOUS  in playing college ball.  
I have complete trust and faith in him. "          -Tray Okoth
                                                                         Cleveland State Community College 2006 
now at Carson Newman 


I just wanted to drop you a note concerning my daughter Sarah Tabb and your showcase.
The summer of Sarah's rising senior year we were at a crossroads on how to proceed with her basketball future.
She knew she wanted to play past high school, but was only getting sporadic inquiries from coaches.
Someone from AAU mentioned your showcase and we decided to look it up and decided what the heck, 
its only up the road in Petersburg.We came up ,signed up with a very helpful staff and played 3 games.
There was a good 25-30 coaches and Sarah played pretty good. One of the staff we knew from AAU 
told Sarah that her name had come up in conversations with some coaches.About 4 days later Coach Ngongba 
from Radford University called asking her to come for a visit.We loved the school,the coaches and the facilities,
and Coach T asked her to sign a full scholarship offer that day.We feel your program was the main reason 
for her signing,All she needed was a place to shine that your program gave her that .  

  Thanks for your help  
   -Jim Tabb
   Father of Sarah Tabb
                                                                                                    Radford Univesity                  
                                                                                                             ''As the parent of high school basketball senior, it was imperative that  I  
    provided son with the best opportunity to obtain a college scholarship.
    I mailed a lot of game time video of my son to several college coaches . 
               It was through  this process that I learned about the Unsigned Senior Clinics 
                                                          organized by Mr. William Carter. I contact Mr. Carter  via phone and email to gain  his assistance in promoting  my son Richard Barbee Jr. This past season Richard 
                        was selcected as the Virginia Beach  Basketball Player  of the year and First Team
                       All Tidewater Selection. Despite his accolades and because he played out of position
                                                            the last 3 years , Richard  was not getting  as much  as much recruiting interest as normal for a player with his skilled set. Upon hearing  from me Mr. Carter immediately  
                                                       contacted  coaches  at  various institutions  and raised  the interest level  for my son. He stated  he was determined  to help all athletes  who desired  to continue  their 
                                                           education and athletic endeavors at the college  level. Richard  attended the open gym event prior to visiting Belmont Abbey College.  The open gym expirience  was a
                      very positive and competive event. He had planned  to attend  future open gyms but 
           during his visit to Belmont Abbey College he was offered  a full scholarship
                                                        to the college. He recently signed his letter of intent to Belmont Abbey College . When I called and told Mr. Carter the news he was genuinely happy for Richard. 
           I really  appreciate the time and effort he devotes  these young men and help
               them suceed. He not only  does this without compensation, but with a passion
  and determination that only someone genuinely concerned  in youth 
                                                           development could muster. His programs should be a testament  to evry coach, parent, athlete and                    administrator who truly believes in helping others." 
-Richard Barbee Sr.
Father of Richard Barbee Jr.
      Belmont-Abbey College

My name is Terrance Keith Granger Jr. I will graduate from 
Thomas Jefferson High School here in the City of Richmond Virginia on June 13th 2007. I met Mr. Carter this year at the ASSIST STUDENT ATHLETES workout sessions I attended at George Wythe High School.  Never did I think for a moment  that Mr. Carter, a man I never met, 
would play a important  part in my future. By attending the workouts he organized for students without scholarships offers , I was discovered by the head coach at Fayetville State University . He offered  me a scholarship and I accepted it. Not only was it true  for me, it was true for a whole  lot of other student athletes at the workouts.  
This person is a young men Idol because he put dream into reality,
while giving us a chance at a future. I can see my myself following in Coach Carter  shoes ,helping  those  students  who for what ever reason almost missed out going into college,while at the same time playing the  game loved by many, basketball. Thanks Mr. Carter and remember each game I win will be for you because with your efforts and organizations of the work out sessions, there will be other doors that open for many more like myself. You are the "man" behind my success.                               
 -Terrance Granger
 North Carolina Central University

The Assist Student Athlete’s mission is to provide assistance to student athletes 
whose goal is to participate in intercollegiate sports.  Without this service these
athletes may be overlooked in the recruiting process.  College helps to build an 
academic foundation for their future success.  Thanks to Mr. Carter and Mr. Copeland 
my daughter Tonya Clark will have the opportunity to both further her education and play basketball. 
It was at Mr. Carter’s showcase that Tonya was scouted and recruited by many DI and DII colleges. 
Tonya signed with Delaware State University and we owe this tremendous opportunity 
to Mr. Carter’s Assist Student Athlete program.  
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!  THANK YOU!!!  Susan Voigt (Tonya’s Mom)

-Susan Voigt  
Mother of Tonya Clark
Delaware State University
                                                                                                    (pictured: Tonya Clark)

 Dear Prospective Scholarship Recipient:

A.S.S.I.S.T.  Student Athletes is an organization that changes lives. This program aides youth in obtaining scholarships to college.  With that education; these young people will undoubtedly progress further.  How do I know this?  They assisted my son.
He is now a student at a Division I Junior college with a wealth of opportunities now available to him.
What impressed me the most about A.S.S.I.S.T was the undiminishing support and persistence of William Carter, the organization’s founder.  Time and time again, he contacted schools, striving to get the correct match of college and student.  He did not waiver in his attempts to help; nor in his confidence that a scholarship and program would be found.  In talking to the coaches of the various schools Coach Carter’s reputation of matching students and colleges was additionally impressive. The college coach’s felt he provided the quality recruits, increasing their confidence in the outcome within their recruitment process.
A.S.S.I.S.T – which is an acronym for Athletic Scholastic Support Initiative for Securing Success Tomorrow – has helped more than 170 students obtain scholarships in the last two years. The organization includes mentoring, seminars and tutoring – all to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s future.  Once these students have gotten into these various colleges, it is my understanding that their progress is tracked and help given when needed to secure that child’s future.
I am proud to recommend this organization to parents and students within our community.  I am honored to know William Carter and feel my son is privileged to have be one of those they helped. 
-Beverly Moore

             " I met Duron Carter through AAU basketball team Richmond USA
     of which he was the assistant coach. My situation was different from the other
     players because my highschool didn't have a basketball team  my senior year.
    Which made it tough for me to get attention of college scouts because 
they wanted to seea tape of one of my games from my senior year.
However coach Carter offered to help me get into college by
calling college coaches and setting up college visits.
              As a result of his hard work I now play for CCBC Essex junior college
                                    and I am currently working on getting my degree in Health and Fitness."
                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Darius Pullium
                                                                                                                                                                                 CCBC Essex Junior College 

William Carter is phenomenal; the ASSIST organization went above and beyond to assure that our players, at Bayside High School , gain valuable recognition from college coaches to continue their education and basketball careers at the collegiate level.

Martin Russ
Head Basketball Coach
Bayside High School
Virginia Beach, VA

The ASSIST organization was truly a blessing for my daughter Jontée Lindsey.  With the help of Mr. Carter and Mr. Copeland, my daughter was offered full scholarships to three universities; Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC), Virginia Union University (Richmond, VA) and Bloomfield College (Bloomfield, NJ).  She entered the ASSIST program during the summer before her senior year in high school.  She attended a few showcases sponsored by ASSIST.  It was at the showcases that she was seen by the coaches from the above named institutions.  She visited all of the schools and decided to attend Claflin University.  
Mr. Carter and Mr. Copeland were very instrumental in getting Jontée into a school doing what she wanted most……..playing college basketball. They have taken it upon themselves to match student athletes and colleges/universities.  Most kids that participate in high school sports dream of playing their sport at the next level. This organization turns that dream into reality.  This certainly was the case for my daughter. She is now living her dream of playing basketball in college and my dream of not having to pay college tuition.  
Thanks ASSIST for everything.
Rockville, Va.            
          -Cindy Lindsey                        Mother of Jontee Lindsay
    Clafin University


On behalf of Rashida Scott and myself, I would like to personal thanks you and the ASSIST program. 
Over the last three years with the help of your program she was able secure numerous scholarship 
offers to continue to be a student athlete at the next level.  Although she finally accepted a full academic 
scholarship at North Carolina A&T, Coach Robinson offered her a position on th eteam as a walk-on.  
I think what you and your staff provide to the community is a Blessing and is a postive impact on the community.
-Louis Scott Jr. 
             Father of Rashida Scott
    North Carolina A&T

                                                                                                                                (pictured: Rashida Scott) 

  Hi my name is Donte Thomas and im a senior basketball player at Huguenot High school. Thanks to                                                                    William Duron Carter and the Assist Student Athletes Program I have been accepted to Ferrum                                                                          College  where i will be playing  basketball in the fall of my freshmen year at Ferrum. Once again I                                                                         
say thank you to William Duron Carter I appreciate all the help and confidence you put in for me,                                                                      
  you never gave up on me and i really appreciate that.          
                                                                          -Donte Thomas
                                                                                                Ferrum College 

Our family would like to express our appreciation to Mr. William Carter 
and the staff of Assist Student Athletes.  They were very encouraging to Charity 
  throughout her high school athletic career.  The staff was always friendly, professional 
and helpful. Charity played basketball, volleyball and tennis at the varsity level for 
Highland Springs High School.  Mr. Carter provided her with several showcase opportunities
that allowed scouts to see her talent, as well as get to know her.  He took a personal interest
in her welfare and athletic development.  Most importantly, he was highly motivated 
and always encouraging.  Most recently he included her in the 
All-Star Basketball Tournament. Because of her exposure, she received numerous calls 
from several coaches interested in her playing for them.  Charity will be playing basketball 
and volleyball at Lincoln University (PA) in the fall.  She received a Presidential scholarship, 
as well as scholarships for basketball and volleyball. 
Thanks for your assistance.               
                                                                Thanks for caring and keep up the good work!!!

          -     Mr.and Mrs. Hart   
Parents of Charity Hart
     Lincoln Univeristy (PA)                                                                                                                

Hi, my name is DeAngelo form Armstrong High School and I want to thank Mr. Carter because with out him and the Assist Student Athlete Program. I would not be attending USC Sackatchie College. Mr. Carter was a huge help he made the necessary phone calls and gave me the opportunity at the assist basketball showcases to show what I can do. I strongly advice Mr. Carter to anyone wanting to play college ball he will never give up on you once again thank you Mr. Carter 
 -DeAngelo Wilson
USC Sackahatchie 

       Mr. Carter, 

I would like to once again thank you for all that you do.   Not only for my son, but all the kids
                                                                         that you have helped go on to college and play sports at the next level.   My son, Erik Murphy                                                                              graduated from Lloyd C Bird this year.  Due greatly to your efforts, he received quite a few                                                                          offers to play football at different schools.   He was accepted and received a partial football                                                                                  scholarship to Millersville University in PA and played in his first college football game this past                                                                       weekend.   Again, thank you for all that you do, and keep up the good work.    I have his college football pic.-Jamondra Murphy
Mother of Erik Murphy
Millersville University
                                                         (Pictured: Erik Murphy) 

We had a mediocre senior basketball season my son Jared Yeager had given up on pursuing college basketball. Jared also struggled with his school work and college entry tests. After just about giving up on college and basketball Jared was pursued by Mr. Carter who continued to contact  him until he agreed to attend one of his many combines. At the combines Jared was approached by several Junior College coaches. This gave him the confidence to continue 

college and basketball. Jared eventually tried out for Cape Fear Community College where he was offered a position on the team and part of his education paid for. Jared is presently living on his own in Wilmington, NC, attending school and playing basketball.  Without the structure of basketball and Mr. Carter’s persistence Jared would still be in Richmond struggling with finding a direction

Father of Justin Yeager 
Cape Fear Community College

Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the wealth of knowledge you and your non-profit organization provided my daughter and I.  We walked into the first girls basketball showcase literally knowing nothing about the recruiting process.  We were also a little baffled as to how and why anyone in this day in time, who is not wealthy, would assist so many athletes with their dreams without seeking personal financial profit.  I have been to showcases where it was clearly a money maker.  It's so unfortunate because it is known that parents will do anything their money can afford for their children.So many showcases are asking for a minimum of $125. Yes, these other organization have their little informational class for the athletes, but how many of these kids really take action without the help of their parents? Most parents who have talented athletes think, if their child is a showcase participate and they do well, they will be picked up by a college, university or junior college.  There are so many reasons why he or she many not get picked up or even noticed. Being a part of assist student athletes has helped my child be recognized by enough college coaches that we were able to select the school that would fit her best. I hope you continue to do what you do for children in Virginia.  I can't thank you enough.

                                                                                                                                                                                                -Mrs. Smith  

In my years as a scout and now a college basketball coach, William Carter and Assist Student Athletes have been an integral part of my success and the success of several high school basketball players all over the country.  I’m still floored by the effort that Mr. Carter puts into enriching the lives of youth by giving them the chance to pay for a college education that will carry them for the rest of their lives. Year after year Mr. Carter has helped athletes and their families save many hundred thousands in college tuition.  He does all of this without asking for anything in return.  He generously gives of his time and money without bias and restrictions and I’m honored to call him a friend and colleague.  
On a personal note, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for William Carter.  When I started my scouting service in 2007, I was young kid fresh out of college, with a passion for hoops. No one knew who I was and I had little credibility in recruit circles. Mr. Carter taught me the “ins and outs” of running a showcase and taught me how to deal with college coaches.  The relationships I made through my scouting service helped me get my current coaching position at my alma mater Harris-Stowe State University and I owe so much to William Carter and

-Justin Mosley, 
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Harris-Stowe State University

Hi this is Courtney Braxton from Princess Anne High School. Your program is outstanding for athletes who are under the radar and it gave me an opportunity to be seen by many colleges. There was a low price for attending your showcases and it was well worth it, I liked playing in one gym because all the college coaches were watching everybody at once. Once again thank you and my dad and I will be telling people about your outstanding showcases.
Courtney Braxton   University of Maryland-Eastern Shore

 I’ve been going to Coach Carter’s showcases since I began coaching college basketball.  I have found good players every year and more importantly good people.  Coach Carter is an outstanding person and I commend him for all the help he has given young people looking to better themselves both academically and athletically.  

Garett Sherman 
Allegany College of Maryland 
Head Women’s Basketball/Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach  

(Pictured: Kyra Coleman )
Mr. Carter words alone can't sum up all you've given to the Richmond Community.  Please accept our sincere gratitude regarding all the work and labor you've provided our daughter Kyra Coleman of  Highland Springs High School. It was coming close to signing time and we were still hanging in the air.  I can hear your encouraging words in my ear staying ( Mrs. Coleman don't worry I got you.)  After Kyra participated in your showcase the phone wouldn't stop ringing, actually the calls started that very same evening truly impressive.    Because of your hard work and persistence along with your honestly. It is with great pleasure that I announce to the world  Kyra will be attending COPPIN STATE UNIVERSITY!! on a full scholarship in the fall.  At the end of the day Mr. Carter you saved my husband and I over $150,000.   Wow, that's a lot of loot!!   Kudos!! to you and your staff  Mr Carter, your organization is phenomenal; I personally pray that GOD continues to bless you and your staff above and beyond what you can ever imagine. Knowing all the many blessings you've given others during one of many long days and sleepless nights.  I pray that with your next endeavor that GOD would show up and show out!  I believe that your cup shall runniest over with nothing but networking favor, and blessings from the Lord.  Again, our family would like to express our appreciation to Mr. William Carter and the staff of Assist Student Athletes, words alone can't sum it up KUDOS!!


Mr. & Mrs Edward Coleman Kyra Coleman's Parents 

Over the past five years I have recruited student-athletes from nearly every state in the United States and have been involved with hundreds of High School and AAU coaches and programs.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with William Carter and the A.S.S.I.S.T. Student Athletes program on a regular basis.  I have made numerous trips to the A.S.S.I.S.T.  showcase events and am always impressed with the organization and effort that is made to insure a great recruiting environment for a college coach.   The message that the young men receive from the A.S.S.I.S.T. program includes academic guidance as well as basketball instruction.  I am always confident that if a young man has been involved with Coach Carter he will be a true student-athlete who will be an asset to our institution on and off the floor.  My trust in the quality of young men that come from the A.S.S.I.S.T. program is the single biggest reason that I come back looking for student-athletes from this area year after year.   I truly believe that any young man who has the goal of becoming a collegiate student-athlete would greatly benefit from being associated with William Carter and the A.S.S.I.S.T. Student Athletes program.

Chad Eshbaugh
Men’s Basketball Coach
Cloud County Community College   

A Note To William Carter: 

I would like to thank you again for the time and effort that you put into assisting Leslie Slayton (Dr. Henry A. Wise, Class of 2010) during the recruiting process. Leslie attended the A.S.S.I.S.T. Hagerstown Tournament and we felt the level of athleticism and competition was very strong. The girls’ tournament was well attended and several college coaches contacted Leslie during and after the event. 

In addition, you provided information regarding several additional A.S.S.I.S.T. tournaments, and kept in close contact with Leslie and our family during the hectic recruiting process.  You continued to provide interested coaches with your professional assessment of Leslie and you were a great help in getting Leslie signed with Virginia Union University !! 

We are forever grateful!

Taisha, Lester & Leslie Slayton 

Hi Coach Carter:

Niya and I wanted to tell you thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping her find a school. She will be leaving on the 1st. Your unrelentless efforts are greatly appreciated. Niya especially appreciates how you believed in her and never doubted that she would get signed. We can't thank you enough. May God continue to bless you and yourgreat program.

Niya Walker and mom (Michele)

Coach Carter, Thanks so much for your assistance with our recruiting process for Olivia.You recommended Olivia to Concord University which proved to be an excellent fitfor her both athletically and academically. We are very excited about the university, the coaching staffand the team. NCAA DII Championship here we come! I applaud you and Assist Student Athletes for the work you do and your continued efforts to help youth obtain academic and athletic opportunities. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Michael Coleman (Olivia's Father) 

Pictured is Olivia Coleman and family .

My family and I would like to thank you Mr. Carter for all you are doing for the student-athletes in the community. You put in a lot of your time for our young people, allowing them an opportunity to obtain scholarships for college to further their academic and athletic careers.  We appreciate you and all that you do.  Thanks so much!!                                 

Renell Edwards, mother of          Jasmine Edwards- Catawba College

A true hero in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area!  William Carter, ASSIST Student Athletes has helped thousands of students get into college and obtain athletic scholarships.  When we first met Mr. Carter, we were impressed by his dedication and commitment to helping kids achieve their goals to play college level basketball, football, etc.  He always has coaches from various levels in attendance at his scouting events and kids are mostly signed on the spot!
Thank you “Coach” Carter for your hard work and dedication to helping others achieve their goals!  
The Jackson Family(Brandon – Shenandoah University)(Kia – mom)        

Mr. Carter, I would like to thank Mr. Carter and the A.S.S.I.S.T program for creating a way for my daughter and many others to achieve their goals. My daughter Raneka Dunaway heard about the program from one of her AAU team member. She attending one of the showcases with her father back in 2009. Mr. Carter saw how she played and took immediate interest in her. He gave me a call the same night after the showcase and told me he will be contacting us with upcoming showcase information. I thought he was bluffing. Well he called my bluff. He did indeed contacted us making sure Raneka attending majority of the showcases. He knew she traveled with the AAU team and those showcases she could make she did. When he found out she still didn’t sign to a school after graduating, he gave me a call to find out why. These are words he said to me “ Ms. Dunaway make sure Raneka come to as many showcases as possible. She is a awesome player and has plenty of potiental. I will get her signed before school starts. You got my word on that.” My daughter became weary because she had no idea where she was going to school. The last showcase  Raneka attend there was the head coach of Harcum College she explain to me they were a Junior College and they was interested in her. Finally Raneka did sign with Harcum College in Pennsylvania. This was a opportunity she was over looking and never considered. It has opened her eyes, she see’s a Junior College   should never be overlooked. This is a great opportunity for anyone having a hard time getting into a 4 year college for whatever the reason may be. Opportunities are out there. 
      Rokena Dunaway and Richard Miles Jr.Parents of Raneka Dunaway graduate of Varina High School       Attending Harcum College 2011 

I am thankful for Coach Carter helping  me get in school . Before he came I had no offers.   He   found a school for  me quickly free of no charge. He is a great man  and I  am thankful  for what  he did for me .
  Pedro Berrios Hopewell High School  attending Cloud Community  College this fall 2011 

I would like to take this time to thank Assist Student Athletes (ASA) in all their help in assisting my son Jalen.Jalen is a basketball player.  Although he was being recruited nothing really solid came out of anyof it until Mr. Carter stepped in.  Jalen attended a couple of ASA shoot-outs and with the calls thatMr. Carter made, the outcome was in my son's favor.  Mr. Carter was always available by phoneto answer any questions my son or myself had.  It was Mr. Carter who was instrumental ingetting Jalen an opportunity for a "work-out" and ultimately a ride to attend Brunswick CC in NC.So far, the Coach is great, Jalen is doing well and is happy with his choice.  Thanks Mr. Carter for all your hard work and assistance with helping my son with this endeavor.  It was truly a Blessing!!   

Mrs. Hayneworth      Jalen Bowe mother 

October 2nd 2012   

The Tate family would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. William Carter for helping to promote Sterling Tate’s abilities to his vast network of contacts.  Mr. Carter was able to refer college coaches to Sterling’s YouTube video which resulted in numerous calls from college coaches wanting game DVDs and/or asking him to come to practice with the team.  This process resulted in several scholarship offers.  Also, William Carter was able to provide essential information about the recruitment process.   Thank you for your help, interest, patience, and tenacity, The Tate Family

November 13th 2012   
To: Assist Student Athletes

In the beginning of my son last year in High School I had some idea but not the total package of getting Braxton Evans to the next level. Braxton had broken many records his senior year, but after the celebration it was clear that the next level was in sight but we needed assistance. I then contacted Mr. William Carter and immediately the phone calls starting coming. The calls range from DI to JUCO DIV 1. Initially I didn’t think JUCO was a fit for Braxton. My rational was that he was the 2nd ALL-Time Three Point Shooter in the State of Virginia, broke several Christmas Tournament records, broke several records at his High School (Prince George), but let me say this,  JUCO DIV 1 was the perfect fit for him. Coach William Carter hosted one of his many Show-Cases in the Virginia Tri-Cities area. There was Coach Grafiel from Colby Kansas we never heard of the place, but this day at the show-case has change my sons life forever. Braxton is the leading scorer for his team, Braxton was named player of the week (Nov 2012). Here is my testimony, if anyone is looking to live their dream….Make sure you are in contact with Mr. Carter. Don’t worry about the fee, it is minimal for what he will bring to the table.

God Bless

Mr. William Carter thank you for all you have done!

Leroy Evans  



August 14th 2013  Mr. Carter,
 I'd like to thank you for your tireless efforts in helping student athletes fulfill their dream of becoming college athletes.
 That dream came true for my daughter Paris Brower, she has received a scholarship to play basketball and continue her education at Radford University!
 As a high school coach I would highly recommend any serious student athlete and their parents become a part of the Assist Student Athlete family. The showcases are always well attended by coaches from all levels and Mr.Carter and his staff are well respected by college coaches as evaluators of talent.
 It takes a village to raise a child. The same can be said for the recruiting process. Mr. Carter and his staff have a wealth of knowledge and resources that will only enhance what parents and coaches can do for athletes in the recruiting process.
 Keep up the Great Work!

 Eric W. Brower
 Girls Basketball Coach
 Appomattox Regional Governors School