Column  Class of 2007
It  In 2007 the Founder of ASSIST student athletes would like to thank the student athletes who already pick their colleges on full scholarships , financial aid assistance or grant money. I will like to get special thinks to everbody who help these student athletes go to college because it  a team effort.
Class of 2007
1. Latroy Alexander Meadowbrook High School Football  Dean Community College Dean  Massachusetts Full Scholarship and Financial Aid Assistance
2. Marcus Copeland  E.C. Glass High School Football Virginia State University  Peterburg Virginia Full Scholarship 
3. Wesley Jefferson  George Wythe High School Basketball  Coastal Georgia Community College  Georgia
Verbal Comitt
4. Temperance Brantley Midlothian High School  Basketball Virginia State University Full Scholarship
5. Lucy Osby St. Gertrude High School Basketball North Carolina Central University Durham N.C. Full Scholarship Offer
6. Allison Sikes Hermitage High School Basketball St. Augustine  College Raliegh  North Carolina  Full Scholarship
7. Chanel Kinard Hermitage High School Basketball St. Augustine  College Raleigh North Carolina  Full Schoalrship
8. Richard Barbee Salem High School Basketball  Belmont Abbey College   North Carolina  Full Scholarship
9. Latonio  Bratton  Armstrong High School   US Army Reserve
10. Andrian Anderson   North Carolina Weslyn NC  Football
Financial Aid Assistance 
11.  Derica Donofrio  Mill Godwin High School Basketball Christopher Newport University   Academic Package Grant money
12. Buck Carey Basketball Coastal Community College  Georgia  Full Scholarship 
13. Channa Willis Meadowbrook High School Pensacola Community College Florida Full Scholarship
14. Spice  Cierra   George Wythe High School Virginia Weslyn Collge Grant Package Financial  Aid
15. Lavar Rich Northumberland High School Basketball Frederick Community College Frederick Md.
16. Brittany Jones  Maggie Walker Governor School Basketball  North Florida University   Full Scholarship
17.  Jabez Wallace  Trinity Epicopal  High School Basketball
Virginia Weslyn Grant Package Financial Aid
18. Madaris Woods  Henrico High School Basketball Rockingham Community College NC Financial Aid Grant Package
19.  Ed Young  ACDC  Basketball Rockingham Community College  NC  Financial Aid Package
20. Brian Wallace  Miller School Basketball  Coastal Carolina University SC Full Scholarship
21. Keisha White  Cloverhill High School St. Augustine College Raleigh Nc.    Full Scholarship
22. Gervonda Winston Hermitage High School Track Winston Salem State University Partial Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance
23. Graig Perkins Bethel High School Hampton  Track  Shaw University Partial Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance
24. Jerell Lawrence Varina High School  FOOTBALL Reedly College California Scholarship Financial Aid Package
25. Dashia Chandler Thomas Dale High School Basketball Virginia Union University Full Scholarship
26. Ian Hill Douglas Freeman High School  Basketball  Walter State Community College Full Scholarship
27.TJ Granger Thomas Jefferson High School Basketball Allegany Community CollegeFull Scholarship
28. Jay Threatt Highland Spring High School BasketballGeorge Mason University VA Full Scholarship
29. Todd Phillips Waynesboro High School Basketball Eastern Mennonite University  Financial Aid Assistance Minority grant
30.  Tony Purnell  Highland Spring High School Basketball St.Paul University Lawrenceville High School
31. Lenny Daniels Mt. Zion Chrisitan Academy Basketball  Coffeyville Community College Kansas Full Scholarship
32. Kip Robson Douglas Freeman High School Basketball Gettyburg College PA  Financial Aid Assistance Grant Money
Academic Package
33. Ahyaro Phillips Douglas Freeman High School Basketball
Fork Union Military  Academy POST GRADUATE  Full Schoalrship Financial Aid Assistance
34. Ana Imani  Western Branch High School  Basketball Worchester School Worchester  Massachusetts  Partial Scholarship
35. Mike Woodard Asheboro High School NC Basketball University of South Carolina Sakahatche  Community College  Comitt
36. Anthony Ervin Manchester High School Basketball Fork Union Miltary Academy Post Graduate Financial Aid and Scholarship Package
37.Montiya Harrison Peterburg High School Basketball Livingstone College Salisbury NC  Committ Full Scholarship
38. Rocky Patterson  Varina High School Basketball Christopher Newport University  Finacial Aid Assistance Work study
39. Shemar Acuay  L. C. Bird High School Basketball Patrick Henry Community College Martinville Va Accepatance Financial Aid Package
40. Kevin Cogbill James River High School Virginia Tech University   Academic Package Acceptance
41. Chad Gambrell John  Marshall High School  Basketball  Clinton Community College  SC    Verball Committ
42. Shane Clark Manchester High School Football Hampden Sydney College Financial Aid Assistance 
43. Chris Washinghton James River High School Basketball Virginia State University Va Full Scholarship
44. Emitt Burke Huguenot High School  North Carolina Central University Academic Package
45.Jordan Brown  L. C. Bird High School  Basketball Randolph Macon College  Ashland Virginia  Academic Awards
46. Rashad Mills George Wythe High School Basketball Essex County Community College NJ Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance
47. Tihran Thorpe Meadowbrook High School Basketball Montgomery Rockville Community College  Rockville MD Financial Aid Assistance
48. Zack Kersey Manasass Park High School  Basketball Methodist University Fayetville NC   Academic Package Grant IN  AID
49. Ronald Timmons Huguenot High School  Howard University   Washington DC  Academic Package 
50. Josh Price  Huguenot High School Bluefield College Soccer Financial  AID ASSISTANCE   Scholarship
51. Julian Bowers Clover Hill High School Football   VMI Lexington Va  Aceptance
52. Rashan Uzzle Prince George High School Basketball Methodist University Fayetville Nc Financial Aid Assistance Work Study
53. Travis May Appotomax Governor School Basketball Academics Mary Washinghton University Frederickburg VA Academic Package Finacial Aid
54. Chyna Burwell L. C. Bird High School Basketball Trinity Valley Community College Texas Full Scholarship
55. Bakari Ruggerio  Huguenot High School   Academics ODU  Acceptance
56. Tyana Eglleston Chesterfield Community High School Basketball Essex County  Community College NJ Financial Aid Assistance
57. Stephanie Whitacker Chesterfield Community High School Essex County Community College Verbal Committ
58.  Aaron Mitchell  Matoaca High School  Basketball  Mannatee Community College Fl  Committed
59. Justin Wilson   Amelia Academy  Basketball  Patrick Community College  Martinville Va Finacial Aid Assistance
60. Norris Gaskins Varina High School Basketball  UVA  Wise Letter of Acceptance
61. Suzette Ratcliffe Peterburg High School Basketball  Lee Mcrae College Nc Comitt
62. Darrin Custis North Stafford High School Frederickburg VA Basketball Walter State Community College Full Scholarship
63. Samantha Trayham Huguenot High School Basketball Virginia Union University  Financial Aid Assistance
64. Monisha Cash Armstrong High School Norfolk State Letter of Acceptance  Savings, Financial Aid Assistance
65. Chante Wade  Peterburg High School  St. Paul Letter of acceptance academic package ,financial aid  assistance.
66. Mike Puckett Transfer Huguenot High School Class of 2005 Clinton Community College Basketball Winston Salem State University Full Scholarship Basketball
67. Desmond Dickerson Henrico High School  Basketball Essex County Community College NJ Full Scholarship on Tuition  Work Study
68. Janell Jones  Manchester High School Basketball Drury University  Missouri    Full Scholarship
69.Allegra King  Hopewell High School Basketball Louisburg College Financial Aid Package  Scholarship
70. Alexandria Burns Booker T Washington High School Basketball Shenadoah University Financial Aid Assistance
71. Crystal Lawrence Meadowbrook High School  VCU Letter of Acceptance Financial Aid Assistance
72. Marcus Peerman Apottomax Governor School Basketball  Virginia State University Academic Package Financial Aid Assistance
73.Edward Sherman  Thomas Jefferson High School  Norfolk State University Letter of Acceptance Financial Aid Assistance
74. Julius Pointdexter  Liberty High School  Football Virginia State University Financial Aid Assistance
75. Travis Kothe OUSBOURN  HIGH School  Basketball   Northern Virginia Community College
76. Scott Nelson   Loundon County High School Baseball  Hampden Sydney College Academic Package Financial Aid Assistance
77. Ramon Smith Laurinburg Prep     Mansatnutten Miltary Academy   Post Grad 
78. Madrid Magnum Meadowbrook High School Norfolk State  Letter of Acceptance
79. Greg Grant  Huguenot High School  Basketball Manatee Community College Committ Full Scholarship
80. Philip Pandack  Fork Union Miltary Academy  Basketball Citadel University  South Carolina  Academic  Package and Financial Aid  Assistance
81. Ru White  Masanuten Military Academy  Basketball Allegheny Community College Full Scholarship

82.  Alicia Gillium Maury High School Norfolk  Va Basketball Livingstone  University  Financial Aid Assistance
83. Nick Brown Henrico High School Basketball  Shenadoah University  Financial Aid Assistance Work Study 
84. Barry Brown  Petrburg High School Basketball  Patrick Henry Community College  Financail Aid ASSISTANCE
85. Jamar Cooper  Peterburg High School Basketball Wabash Valley Community College  Illinois   Full Scholarship 
86. Keenan Henderson Chesterfield Community High School  St. Paul University  Letter of Acceptance Financial Aid  Assistance
87. Deandre Hayes  Huguenot High School   Virginia State University Financial Aid Assistance
88.  Annette Dyson   Armstrong High School Basketball Clark Atlanta  Academic Package Financial Aid Assistance 
89.D Angelo Taylor  Huguenot High School Western Illinois  Letter of Aceptance Financial Aid Assistance
90. Carvin Rodgers  Woodside High School   Shaw University   Letter of Acceptance
91.Juluis Carlton Woodside High School    Basketball Virginia Weslyn Financial                         Aid Assistance  Work Study
92. Charlissa Burke Varina High School Basketball Chowan College Financial Aid Assistacne               
93. Ketwan Anderson Highland Springs High School Basketball ST. Paul  College Financial Aid Assistance
94. Jonathan Carey Apottomax Governor School  Basketball Shenadoah University Academic Package Financial Aid Assistance 
95. Michael Talley Henrico High School Virginia State University  Letter OF  Acceptance
96. Jermaine Carter  Thomas Jefferson High School Basketball  Miltary Community School Cincinatti Ohio
97. Jay Johnson Thomas Dale High School  Basketball Patrick Henry Community College Financial Aid Assistance
98.Cedric Lovelace Forest Park High School VCU Letter of Acceptance  Financial Aid Assistance
99. William Boyd  John Marshall High School Basketball  Clinton Community  College  SC FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE
100. Eric Beale  Westend Christian School Basketball  Southside Community College Brunswick County VA
101. Tarail Jones Hopewell High School Basketball Harford  Community College  Comitt Financial Aid Assistance  Scholarship Package
102. Omar Briggs Highland Springs High School Basketball Allegany  College   Comitt Financial Aid Assistance                         
103. Ander Ross Waynesbro High School Blue Ridge Community College  1year plan                            
104. Justin Moore Westend Christian Academy Basketball Potomac State Community College  WV Full Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance
105. Gabriel Esleay  Maury High School  Piedmont Community College VA Financial Aid Assistance 
106. Taylor Hughes Meadowbrook High School  Basketball Chowan College NC  Financial Aid Assistance Package
107. Justin Baldwin  Henrico High School Basketball Essex Community College Baltimore County  Financial Aid Assistance  
108. William Smith Varina High School Basketball Essex Community College Baltimore County  Financial Aid Assistance
109. Marvin Brooks   Southside Baptist   School Basketball Essex Community  College  Baltimore County  Financial Aid Assistance 
110. Fred Savage  Mt. Zion Christian Academy  Basketball  Southside Community College Financial Aid Assistance
111. Anjelica Prince Huguenot High School  VCU  Fiancial Aid Assistance
112. Chevonne Booker  Thomas Jefferson High School Basketball  Lynchburg College  Financial Aid Assistance Work Study
113. Earl Gee Manchester High School  Longwood Basketball  University  Academic Package  Letter  of Acceptance
114. Aaron Logan  Asheboro  High School  Asheboro NC  Basketball   Averett  University  Danville Virginia  Financial Aid Assistance
115. Melvin Jones Cloverhill High School Win Colunm 2006  Transfer to  Western Oklahoma Community College
Financial Aid  Assistance
116. Charles Collins  Win Column in 2006  Mt. Zion Christian   University of SC Sackahatchie  Financial Aid Assistance
117.Kendra Allen Charlotteville High School Basketball Palm Beach Community College Full Scholarship
118.Michael Deleon Powhatan High School Basketball University of Pittburgh of Tituville 
119. Alicia Davis  Colonial Hieghts High School Basketball Clinton Community College SC
120.  Tiffany Coleman Peterburg  High School ITT Tech  Financial Aid Assistance 
121. James Copeland Chesterfield Community High School Basketball Essex Community College TRANSFER Financial Aid Assistance
122. William Drye Huguenot High School Basketball Garrett Community College Partial Scholarship Financail Aid Assistance 
123. Vernadette Deane Petersburg High School Virginia State University
124. Anassa Greene Petrburg High School Virginia State University
125.Aron Taylor Evangel Christian Academy  Basketball Essex Community College of Baltimore County 
126. Kashan Pettis  Thomas Jefferson High School J Sargeant Reynolds Financial Aid Assistance
127.Chris Powell L.C. Bird High School Football University of Richmond Financial Aid Assistance
128.John Staton Cumberland High School  Jefferson Davis Community College  Alabama  Start on 08 Full Scholarship