• To provide  educational and community  support  services that  increases  academic  achievement and successful entry to and completion of post secondary education.

  • ASSIST young student athletes with the opportunity to go to college by researching prospective colleges, providing information about admissions requirements, financial aid, and the application process while coordinating college visits, enhancing communicational skills and building athletic, extracurricular  and academic resumes. We also want to provide mentoring, seminars, tutoring and guidance to our youth.

  • Create and foster partnerships with colleges and universiites to provide an increased pool of potential students and equitable access to educational initiaitives.

  • To partner student athletes with colleges or universities that best fit them based on academic, personal, or athletic needs.

  • To ensure that the youth within the Metro -Richmond and surrounding areas have increased opportunities for the succesful placement and completion of an accredited degree program.

  • To provide individuallized assistance and informational seminars to address the areas of NCAA Guidelines, FAFSA, and the importance of maintaining good grades.

  • Provide mentors for the student athletes to ASSIST them in making critical decisions required for the continuation of athletics and  academic success.

  • Provide assistance to parents and guardians in addressing student retention rates in college.

  • To continue to contribute to charitable, cultural, educational, athletic, and social venues of the corporation.