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  Win Column

The Win Column, established in 2003, is a numerical  listing of  program participants that the Founder of ASSIST has aided in gaining entry into a College or University.
These participants have recieved  either full athletic or academic scholarships, grants, loans or financial aid assistance. The Founder voluntarily utilizes his time to place these student athletes in  institutions most suitable for their needs.

The founder also gives thanks and credit to everyone who took their time with the student athletes, such as coaches, mentors, and parents. 

Class of 2003

1.  Chad Carter              Huguenot High School

   Basketball :                 Dundalk Comm College

Class of 2004

2.   David Nelson           Thomas Jefferson High School
    Basketball:                   MD Rockville Comm. College  Financial Aid Assistance

3.   Solimoun Fourqueen Huguenot High School 

   Basketball :                                  Rockville Md Financial Aid Assistance

Elpaul Pope               Huguenot High School

    Basketball:                                Rockville Community College Md   Financial Aid Assistance

Demond Hickman       LC. Bird High School
   Basketball :                                 Elizabeth City NC.  Full Scholarship

6.  Jacob Culver            

    Basketball: Essex Community College        Grant /Financial Aid

7.  Daruis Pullium

                                                    Essex Community College Basketball        Financial Aid Package
8.  Adrian Taylor

                                                   Essex Community College   Basketball       Financial Aid / Grant

9. Germain Williams

                                                  Maryland Community College Basketball     Financial Aid Package

Class of 2005

10.  Ben Oliven            Notre Dame Academy 
    Basketball :                              Mary Washington College Academic Scholarship /Grant / Financial                                                       Aid Package

11. Jaron Thorpe      Huguenot High School

   Football:                                   Chowan College  Financial Aid Package   Full Scholarship Available                                                      for Fall 2006.

12.  Philip Smith     Chesterfield Comm.

     Basketball                               Garrett Community College     Financial Aid Assistance

Jason Moore      Chesterfield Comm. 

     Basketball:                            Garrett Community College Garrett NC.  Financial Aid Assistance                                                          /Partial Scholarship

14.  Camille Harper  Meadowbrook High School

     Band:                                   Norfolk State  University   Partial Scholarship /Financial Aid                                                                 Assistance

15.  Mike Puckett   Huguenot HS

     Basketball:                           Clinton Comm. College  ClintonFull Scholarship.

16.  Matt Deprotty   ForkUnion Academy   

     Basketball;                          Potomac College

Lamar Bullock   Armstrong High School

     Basketball:                          Tacoma Park Community College  Financial Aid Package 

Lemar Bugg   Parkview High School

    Basketball:                             St. PetersburgCommunity College  Financial Aid Assistance

Thomas Midget Trinity Episcopal High School
    Basketball:                            Bryan College Full Scholarship/Financial Aid Package

20.  Jabril Burnet   Armstrong High School

    Basketball:                            St. Paul College   Financial Aid Assistance

These are kids who just went to school to pursue and education which is the main thing for people today. The founder ASSIST made sure that these kids had and opportunity to go some where to pursue there dream. The founder voluntary spend his time to help get these kids in school with all resources.

Class OF 2005

1. Mike Wattie     George Wythe High School

  Academics:                            St. Paul College    Financial Aid Assistance

John Nick      Home School

  Academics:                           St. Paul College      Financial Aid Assistance Loans

Juan Andrews Meadowbrook High School

  Academics:                           Virginia State University Financial Aid/Assistance Loans

Chris Turner    Huguenot High School

  Academics:                          St. Paul College Community College

Dominic Wright George Wythe High School 

  Academics:                          Norfolk State University Financial Aid

Other student athletes wanted to wait another year from the Class OF 2005 to make a decision to go in the Fall OF 2006.

Decorey Patterson Thomas Jefferson High School 

  Basketball:                          Essex Community College  Partial Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance.


2. Jarell Harris   Thomas Jefferson High School

  Basketball:                          Essex Community College   Financial Aid Assistance

                                                Demond Hickman Class of 2004

  Decorey Paterson

Jaron Thorpe  Class of 2005

Jarell Harris Class of 2005