Win Column Class of 2006

The founder of ASSIST STUDENT ATHLETES would like to think everyone  who play a role in  developing these studnet athletes in going to college because some roles play bigger than others. Here is the list  of student athletes that recieve full scholarships, financial aid assistance or grant money.

Class of 2006

1. Marty Harrison Meadowbrook High School College of Charleston Southern Basketball Letter INTENT Full  Scholarship

2. Dedrick  Epps Huguenot High School Football Miami University  Full Scholarship

3. Sean Outen Meadowbrook High School Basketball College of  Charleston Southern  University Letter Intent Full Scholarship

4. Brandon Macklin Meadowbrook High School Basketball College of Charleston Southern Letter Intent Full Scholarship

5. A. J. Brown Thomas Dale High School  Essex Community College Baltimore County Basketball Financial Aid Assistance

6. Rodney Nichols Meadowbrook High School Football Louisburg  Community College Louisburg NC Full Scholarship

7. Shelley  Smith  Meadowbrook High School Womens  Basketball Fayetville University  Fayetville NC  Full Scholarship

8. James Copeland  Chesterfield Community High School Fredererick Community College Frederick Maryland Financial Aid Assistance

9. Victor Alford  Chesterfield Community High School  Basketball Frederick Community College Frederick Maryland  Financial Aid ASSISTANCE

10. Kori Cobb Chesterfield Community High School Basketball Frederick Community College  Frederick Maryland Financial Aid Assistance.

11.  Melodie Oliver   Manchester High School  Glenville State University Full Scholarship

12.     Doualha Hashi Chesterfield Community High School  Basketball Catonville Community College Full Scholarship Financial Aid

13.  Ebon Fife Highland Springs High School  Basketball Walter State Community
College  Tennessee  Full Scholarship

14. Anthony   Sally Chersterfield Community High School Basketball Tallahasee Community High School  Full   Scholarship

15.   Devin   Johnson  Meadowbrook High School  Basketball  Fairfield University New Jersey Full Scholarship

16. Marcus Nelson  Trinity Epicopal High School Basketball  U.S. Military Academy Westpoint Full Scholarship Grant Money

17. Rashaun Mclemore  Mt. Zion Christian Academy Basketball  Ball State University Ohio  Full Scholarship

18. Donavan Ginger  L. C. Bird High School L. C. Bird High School Coastal Georgia Community College Full Scolarship

19. Calvin Lee  Matoaca High School Basketball Alleghany  Community College Md Full Scholarship

20.  Ricardo Lipscomb Matoaca High School  Harford Community College  MD. Full Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance

21.   William Hardy St. Christopher High School Basketball Williams College Williamtown Mass. Academic Package Grant Money

22. Devaugn Beavers George Wythe High School Basketball Potomac State Community College Financial  Aid Package

23. Ed Pellot Rosa George Wythe High School  Clinton Community College SC   Fianancial Aid Assistance.

24.  Sam Pounds  Christchurch School Barton  College  Wilson NC Full Scholarship

25.  Camille  Harper  Patrick Henry High School   Basketball Emory and Henry College BRISTOL VA   Financial Aid Assistance   Academic Package

26. Trey Mines Blue Ridge Academy  Basketball Virginia State University  Full Scholarship

27. Chris Randolph  Goochland  High School Catonville Community College Baltimore County MD Financial Aid Assistance

28.Deonte Edmonds Peterburg High School Bluefield University  Financial Aid Work Study Grant

29. Douglas Wall Peterburg High School Basketball Clinton Community College Fall 07 Financial Aid Assistance

30. Marcus Jones  Hermitage High School  Basketball Shenadoah University Winchester  VA   Finacial Aid Assistance, Academic Package

31. Ray Bullock James River High School Essex Community College Baltimore County  MD Financial Aid Assistance

32. Melvin Jones Cloverhill High School Basketball Essex Community College Baltimore County Md.    Financial Aid Assistance

33. Ray Washington James River High  School High School Essex Community College Baltimore County Md. Financial Aid Assistance


34. Lamont Burnley  Matoaca High School Essex Community High School Finacial Aid Assistance

  35. Larry  Henshaw  Prince George High School   Basketball   Hampden Sydney University VA    Academic Package  Grant Money

36. Mark Wilson  Hopewell  High School St. Paul College  Lawrenceville Basketball Financial Aid Assistance  Pell Grant.

37. Jamal McCoy  Highland Springs High School Class of 2005 Montgomery Community School Rockville Md. Basketball Finacial Aid Assistance

38. Tray Okoth  Henrico High School Cleveland State Community College Cleveland Tenn. Full Scholarship Basketball.

39. Tony Reese L.C. Bird High School Basketball Chattanooga  State Technical College Full Scholarship

40.  Charles Collins Mt. Zion Christian Academy  Class of 2005 Basketball Francis Marion University Florence SC  Financial Aid Assistance

41. Courtlin Lewis L. C. Bird  High School Basketball St. Paul College Lawrenceville Va. Financial Aid Assistance
42. Mike Mc Graw  Thomas  Dale  High School Basketball Chowan College Finacial Aid  Assistance
43. Brandon Jarman Henrico High School Basketball Chowan College Financial Assistance

44. Reginald Cherry GED   Essex Community College Baltimore MD. Financial Aid Assistance.

The following students had already been accepted  based on academic performances .   Some had offers to play for sport selses where but chose academics instead.

1. Jerry Carey Clover Hill High  School University of William and Mary Academic Package and Grant Money.

2. Amir Cobb George Wyhe High School JMU  Academic  Package Scholarship Money Financial Aid Assistance

3. Troy Williams Peterburg High School ODU  Financial Aid Assistance  Grant Money

4. Keith Johnson Manchester High School Norfolk State University Acceptance  Finacial Aid Assistance

5. Tim Pierce Hermitage High Scholl VCU  Acceptance Academic Package

6. Brian Martin Manchester High School John Tyler Community College Financail Aid Package

7. Ryan James  James River High School JMU  Acceptance Financial Aid   Academic Package

8. Lee Shehon Meadowbrook High School VSU  Acceptance  Finacial Aid Assistance

9. Nikki Hicks George Wythe  High School VSU Acceptance  Financial Aid Assistance  Package

10. Keynita Winston George Wythe High School JMU Financial Aid  Assistance Package