Seminar Questions

What you need to know about
 college selection and recruiting process?

                  1. What academic programs does the college of my choice has to

                 2. What is an SAT?

                3. What high school grade requirements do I need to get into college
                        or university ?

                4. How do I apply for college?

                5. How do I prepare the essay for the application?

                6. How long do athlethic scholarships last?

                7. What is a NCAA clearing house?
                8. What is a National Letter of Intent?

                9. What does redshirting mean?

                10. What school best fits my personal desires as well as academic
                        or athletic needs.

                11. How many schools offer scholarships in my sport?

                12. How do I cover the difference between the scholarship and the full
                        cost of college?

                13. How do I apply for Financial Aid?

                14. Does the college offer the  major I pursue?

                15. If I do not perform very well does my scholarship continue the
                        following year?

                16. How do I arrange the opportunity  for a recruiting visit?