Win Column 2008

In 2008 the Founder of ASSIST Student  Athletes will like to give thanks
for all student athletes who pick their school based on full scholarships,
financial aid  assistance etc. Also the founder would like to give
credit to everybody  who makes a difference to these student athletes
1.Andre Williamson Prince George High School Basketball

Appalachian State University
Full Scholarship


2.Brooke Long  Mills Godwin High School  Basketball

Longwood University
Full Scholarship

3. Emari Ready Monacan High School Basketball
Lee Mcrae College
Full Scholarship


4.              Marcus Hunt  Chesterfield Community High School
MD Rockvile College

5. Tonya Clark  Princess Anne High School  Basketball
Delaware State University
Full Scholarship

6.Deja Middleton  Medowbrook High School Basketball
Fayetteville  State University
Full Scholarship


7.Kendrix Brown  Norview High School Basketball
William and Mary University
Full Scholarship


8. Devin Brown Waynesboro High School Basketball
Liberty University
Full Scholarship Offer


9.Calvin Lee Allegeny Community College Basketball
Win Column 2006
Towson University
Full Scholarship Sign Letter of Intent

10. Kendrick Mcclary    L. C. Bird High School Football  Norfolk State  Full Scholarship 

  11. Brandon Kunkel  Red Bud High School  Red Bud Illinois  Lindenwood University   Full Scholarship

12.  Taron Hampton   Powhatan High School  Powhatan Va  Virginia State University  Football Full Scholarship    

13. Adam Desgain  J R Tucker High School        Randolph Macon  Ashland  Basketball   

14. Terneil Rhodes  Peterburg High School   Basketball Committed to Brunswick Community  College

15. John Miles   Meadowbrook High School  Football  Committ to   Virginia State  University

16. Anthony James    Normandy High School Missouri  Northern Iowa University  Full Scholarship Offer.

17.  Elliott  Black  Kennedy High School  Missouri   Harris Stowe College    Full  Scholarship  Offer  Financial Assistance

18.   Tyler Johns    Cosby High School Football    Christopher Newport  University  Financial  Aid  Assistance  

19. George Degroat  Allegany  Community College  Basketball    Hampton University Full Scholarship 

20. Nicole Jackson Amelia  High School  Basketball Lee Mcrae  Full Scholarship  Offer  Finacial  Aid Assistance   

21. Bianca       Vaughn          L.C. Bird High School Basketball  St. Augustine College Basketball  Full Scholarship   

22.  Tiora  Hacley Oak Hill Academy    Basketball  Norfolk State University Full Scholarship

23.  Emmett Brown    Powhatan High School   Ellizabeth    City  University    Football

24.    Kacie Lake   Cosby   High School Volleyballl  High Point   University

25.  Ricardo Lipscomb WIn Column   2006  Matoaca High School   Hartford Community College   Virginia State University    Financial Assistance Scholarship Package            

26 .  Jordan Loveless  Metro High  School     Missouri    Lindenwood University Missouri Full Scholarship

27. Kirk  Jennings    Thomas   Dale High School       Baseball    UVA   Wise Full Scholarship  

28. Buck  Carey      Win  Column Coastal Community  College 2006   Basketball  Bowie  State University

29. Quinton Dogett    Meadowbrook High School    Basketball   Full  Scholarship        Western Oklahoma Community College

30. Jontee Lindsey     Patrick Henry    High School     Basketball   Full Scholarship       Claftin   University    South   Carolina

31.  Indy Hauser     Heritage  High  School   Basketball   Full Scholarship   St Augustine College  North Carolina   

32.   PJ  Finn     Meadowbrook   High  School   Basketball   Full   Scholarship    Coastal   Georgia     Community College   Georgia

33.   Lauren Kornacki      Deep  Run High   School   Basketball    Mary  Washington  University        Academic Package    

34.   Chenell York     Cloverhill High School    Academics   Pittsburgh  University    Academic  Full Scholarship   

35. Jerrod Allen  Chesterfield Community High School  Basketball  Roane State Community College Tennesee   Full Scholarship

36. Sherrod Allen  Chesterfield Community High School Basketball  Roane State Community College Tennesee    Full Scholarship     

37. Anthony Sally  Chesterfield Community High School   Motlow State Community College Win Column   2006   Western Kentucky University   Kentucky Full Scholarship

38.  Ryan  Henderson   Highland Springs  High School    Basketball   Mary  Washington  University  Frederickburg Va  
Academic Package   Financial Aid Assistance

39. Latasia Robinson     Heritage High School Newport News   Basketball  VUU Comitts   Full Scholarship Offer

40. Jordhan Peterson      Norfolk Collegiate    Norfolk  Va     Basketball Winston Salem State  University   Full Scholarship

41.  Tray Okoth   Win Column    2006 Henrico High School   Clevelend State Community  College       Carson Newman University      Full Scholarship

42.    Katrell   Claiborne      Prince George    High School        Harford Community  College       Comitt  Financial  Assistance   

43. Terrell Egerton     Cosby High School   Academics   Longwood  University   Academic Package   Department of Accounting

44. Brandon Powell  James River High School   Basketball   Lynchburg College  Financial Aid Assistance Work  Study 

45. Rotell Jenkins  Huguenot High School    Football    North Carolina  Tech Post  Graduaute   Full Scholarship

46.  Shawn Mosely   Huguenot High  School  Football  North Carolina  Tech Post Graduate

47. Richelle  Carter Varina High School   Basketball    Clinton Jr . College   South Carolina   Scholarship 

48. Brittany Harris   Midlothain High School  Academics   George  Mason University  

49. Dayna  Cheek Huguenot High School  Basketball Christopher Newport University Academic Package    

50.  Jessica Arnold  Meadowbrook  High School  Basketball  Clinton Jr. College   Scholarship   

51. Courtney Belger   University City High School  Basketball St. Louis Missouri  Quincy University Illinois  Full  Scholarship

52.  Ken Brown    Soldan High School    Missouri   Basketball   South Western Tennesse  Community College   Commit

53. Travis Keels   L.C. Byrd High School     Basketball        Augusta State University   Commits  Full Scholarship Offer

54. Tionna Gill Trinity Episcopal  High School     VCU   Academics 

55.   Jessica Gray   Collegiete    Basketball       Chicago University  Academic Scholarship

56. John Holleman  Petersburg High School Basketball Full Scholarship  Water State Community College  Tenn.

57. Nick Gore  Waynesboro High School   Waynesboro Va Basketball  Hill School Post Grad  Pa    Full Scholarship

58.Teron Watson William Campbell  High School    Naruna  Va Basketball   Virginia  Weslyan  College   Financial Aid Assistance 

59. Morgan  Whitacker       Huguenot High Schjool   Volleyball   ST  Paul  College  Lawrenceville  Va  Full Scholarship 

60. Carina Winstead Varina High School   Volleyball   Averett  University Danville  Va        

61. Brittany Clark  Amelia Academy   Basketball Harcum Community College Pennslyvania     Full Scholarship   Academic Package

62. Gabrielle  Moore Amelia Academy   Basketball  Harcum Community College   Pennslyvania    Full Schoalrship  Academic Package   Financial  Aid Assistance

63. Keyontae Perry   Manchester High School  Harcum Community College   Pennslyvania   comiitt  Scholarship    Financial Aid Assistance

64.   Janice Holeman    Franklin  High School    Basketball St Augustine  College  NC   Scholarship  Academic Package 

65.  Eboney  Joyner   Franklin High School  Med   School

66.  Marguex  Byrd     Norfolk Collegiate High  School   Airforce  

67.   Ricardo  Racliffe    Kenghouton High School  Basketball Central Forida Community College   full      scholarship 

68. Rosemary  Vaughn    Warwick  High School  Basketball  Harcum Community College  Scholarship   Financial Aid Assistance

69.     Jolisa Williams     Charles City  High School   Basketball  St. Augustine College    Full Scholarship

70.   Ahyaro Phillips    Win Column 2007   Fork Union Military  Academy   Nevada University   Full Scholarship

71. Lakita Hicks Hampton High School     Volleyball and Basketball     Livingstone College     Full Scholarship

72. Todd Manley   Bayside High School    Basketball   Jefferson Davis Community  College   Alabama    Full Scholarship  Financial Aid Assistance

73.   Anthony Jones   Bayside High School  Basketball   Jefferson Davis  Community  College  Alabama  Full Scholarship  Financial Aid Assistance

74. Deonte Lewis   Dinwiddie High School   Basketball  Harford Community College   Scholarship   Md     Financial    Aid    

75. Everette Jasper   L.C.  Byrd High School Basketball  Elizabeth  City University    Commit 

76  Scott Palimore     L.C  Byrd High  School    Academics    Norfolk State University

77. Marvin Woodley  L.C. Byrd High School   Virginia State University  Letter of Acceptance

78. Kwame Davis   Matoaca High School   Basketball Western Oklahoma Community College Financial   Aid Assistance

79. Harvey Mills         Highland  Springs  High School   Basketball  Virginia State  University        Scholarship

80.   Jermile   Batten    Midlothian High School         Basketball     Elon University            Commits

81. Mark  Baker    Appotomax   Governor School  Basketball    Randolph Macon University                Academic  Package       Financial Aid Assistance

82. Adrena  May   Great Bridge High School   Academics JMU  Letter of Acceptance

83. Hector Ayala  Steward School  Basketball Christopher Newport University  Financial Aid Assistance Work Study   AcademIc Package

84. Roy Gilliard  Motoaca High School ODU  Letter of Acceptance

85.  AJ Authur   James River High School   Basketball Walter State Community College  Full Scholarship

86. Darnita   Dixon    Deep Creek High School  Basketball  Tidewater Community College   Financial  Aid Assistance  

87.  Shytierra Murry    Deep Creek High School Basketball    Tidewater Community  College  Financial Aid Assistance

88.    Michael  Johnson      Ged      Basketball      Western Oklahoma Community College    Financial Aid Assistance

89.  Macca  Garba    Amelia Academy   Basketball   Fork Union  Military  Academy 

90.  Doug  Harrison     Clover Hill High   School  Ferrum College  Financial Aid Assistance 

91. Tiara Mallory    Huguenot High School   Volleyball   Virginia State University  

92.  James Wyatt    Manchester  High School   Old Dominion University  Letter of Acceptance      

93. Darrin Custis  GED      Basketball   Western Oklahoma   Community College    Financial  Aid Assistance

94.  Varneisha   Harris       Varina High   School    Virginia   State University     Letter  Of  Acceptance 

95.   Marcus Lundy     Trinity  Episcopal  High School   John  Tyler Community    Financial  Aid  Assistance 

96. Vonisha Robinson   Franklin High   School     Virginia   State University   

97. Jorel Coleman  Chesterfield  Community High School  Virginia  State University Scholarship  Financial Aid Assistance

98. Teearra Jones  Chesterfield Community High School  Liberty University  

99. Joseph Lyons   Matoaca High School Basketball Aprrentice  School  Financial Aid Assistance 

100. Derick Savage  Mt. Zion Christian Academy  Basketball    Montgomery  Rockville  Community  College    Financial  Aid

101.   Arynn   Easom Princess  Anne  High  School Basketball    Allegeny Community College  MD   Commits  Financial  Aid  

102.     Nicole Melvin   Bayside High  School   Basketball  Allegheny  Community  College MD   Commits                      

103. Lavonna  Spencer   Bethel High School      Basketball   Virginia  Union University   Full Scholarship

104. Rasheeda Jennings   King Fork High School Basketball  Chowan University       Full Scholarship 

105.  Brock Leach    Bayside High  School  Basketball  Roanoke  Chowan Community College  Financial Aid Assistance

106. Mark   Satterwhite Bayside High School  Basketball  Roanoke Chowan Community College  Financial  Aid Assistance

107 .  Amaris Gardner  Bayside  High School   Penn State University   Academics    

108.   Kelechi  Ackamaro   Bayside High School    VCU Academics

109.  Paris Hester Highland Springs  High School  North Carolina  A and T    Letter OF  Acceptance

110.  Eric Scipio    Huguenot  High School   Basketball    Virginia Wesleyan College  Financial  Aid Assistance

111.    Si ad   Mcneil  Henrico High  School   Norfolk State University   Letter of Aceptance

112. Torrin Holmes    Henrico High Schol  Radford University  Letter of Acceptance  

113.   Kimberly Jefferson   Virginia Episcopal     Old Dominion  University    Letter of  Acceptance

114.  Ana  Imani     Worchester  Post Grad   Basketball    Francis Marion  University    Full Scholarship

115. Shamar  Acuay   L.C. Byrd High School Basketball Colby Community College   Comitt

116.   Jasper Holleman   Matoaca High  School  Basketball   Harford Community College 

117. Daz Starke  Highland Springs High School  Basketball  Eastern Arizona College  Full Scholarship   

118. AJ Thompson   James River High School   Basketball NC Tech Post  Graduate  

119. Chris Hilliard  Highland Springs High School Basketball  Garrett Community College  Commit

120. AJ Bizzell  Meadowbrook  High School   John Tyler  Community College

121. Malcolm Berkley Huguenot High School  Western Oklahoma   State  College commit


122.  Bobby Morrison W. Johnston  NC    Basketball  Patrick Henry Community College Financial Aid  Assistance    

123.  Kelly Marsh  W. Johnston  NC  Basketball  Charis Prep Post  Graduate   

124. Antonio Puller   Lee Davis High School  Basketball Averett University 

125.  Luke Meyers   Powhatan High School  Basketball  Virginia Wesleyan College   

126.  Brittany Robertson  Friendship  High  School    Basketball Potomac Community College

127. Evan Jones  George Wythe High  School    Elizabeth City  University

128.  Rico Seagears   Md   Basketball        Chandler  Gilbert Community College   AZ

129. Rashad Shepperd   Huguenot High School    Virginia State University Financial Aid Assistance

130. Rudy Beach    Nandua High School      Basketball    Virginia  Wesleyan   College 

131. Justin Watson   Matoaca  High School   NCAT  University

132. Rachel  Washington   Henrico High School  Softball   Virginia Union University  Scholarship  Financial Aid Assistance 

133.  Brian Mcgee  Jennings High School St. Louis  Basketball  Alabama A & M   

134. Kennay Fleming Booker T  Washington High School  Basketball  Shaw UnIversity   Full Scholarship

135. Chris Simmons  Cardinal  Ritter Prep   St. Louis   Basketball Northern Oklohoma Community College       Scholarship

136.   Butch Falcoun     Salem  High School      Virginia Beach  Harford Community College 

137.  Jasmine Alston Frienship High School   Basketball Harcum Community College  Scholarship Financial Aid Assistance

138. Ashlee Howlett  Huguenot High School  Virginia State University 

139. Alexandria  Hines  Manchester High School Ferrum College 

140.  Tanzania Bridgett  Bethel High  School   Basketball   Virginia Union University   Scholarship

141. Alton Whtney  Woodside High School  Basketball Ferrum College   Financial  Aid Assistance

142. Greg Seldon    Manchester High School   Longwood University

143. Mikyel Nero Huguenot High  School     Basketball  Brunswick Community College    Commits

144. Chris Smith  Blue Ridge  School     Basketball  Brunswick  Community  College Commits

145. Jessica Lewis Bethel High School Basketball Queen College

146. Ibn   Rassoull     Peterburg  High  School     Basketball    St. Paul College  Scholarship   Financial Aid  Assistance

147. Courtney  Glover     Western Branch High  School      Basketball Lackwanna  Community  College      Scholarship  Financial Aid Assistance 

148.   Kiwana  Berry  Waynesboro  High School  Basketball   Ferrum  College

149. Mike Gibson   Monacan High   School          Basketball    Pasedena  Community  College   California Financial Aid  Assistance

150. Michael Johnson Parkview High School  Basketball  St. Paul College 

151.  Jasmine Reynolds  L. C   Byrd High School  Basketball  Christopher Newport University

152.  Audrienor  Handsome    Huguenot High School  Morgan State University

153.   Jashone Stovall    George  Wythe High  School  Football  Chowan   University

154.  Shelonda Pulley    Surry County High  School     Virginia Union   University 

155.  Randall Mosley  Hannibal HS     Blackburn  College   

156. Edric Folden  Henrico High School    Basketball   Bluefield College  

157. Kyle  Mitchell  Meadowbrook High  School   Football  Dean College  Mass

158.  Devonne Blackshear Potamac  Sr. High School  Basketball  Methodist University  NC

159.  Brandon Oliver   GED     Coastal   Georgia   Community College  Full  Scholarship

160. Clinton Cuffee  Green Run  High School Basketball Northland Community and Technical College