Evaluation Chart  Grades 9-12


This is  a mini list designed to help you stay on track  while preparing for college mentally, physically and  academically. If you follow this list thoroughly you will be heading in the right direction; towards college preparation.

Freshman Year

 Communicate with your Guidance Counselor
Earn  Good Grades
Work on G.P.A. 
Develop good study habits.
Follow your sport on TV
Work on your game and conditioning
Maintain a consistent work out schedule
Develop your character

Sophomore Year

Communicate with your guidance counselor regarding
NCAA Requirements

Communicate with Coach

Game Tape
Keep track of all highlight game tapes

Challenge your self to achieve a 2.5 G.P.A or higher

Look for colleges  that you are interested in

Fill out questionnaires

Compete in other leagues for your sport like
AAU, travel team camps, exposure invents, etc.

Continue to workout.

Junior Year

Compile a list of schools that you wish to apply to including schools who are interested in you in all sports as well
       as academic preferences

Take SAT or ACT by the end of junior year.
www.collegeboard.com , www.act.org

Register for NCAA Clearinghouse

​You must meet with Guidance Counselor at least once a month to review the status of your 

Continue to follow your chosen sport on the college level

Keep highlight tapes of all of the sports you play

Continue to workout

Senior Year

Take SAT and ACT

Fill out all applications and financial aid requirements

Meet deadlines
www.pin.gov       www.fafsa.ed.gov 

Arrange college visits

Meet with guidance counselor

Have highlight videos readily accessible

Pick your top 5 colleges

Always contact coaches for other options

Work out every day

Continue to follow your sport

NCAA Clearinghouse needs to be fill out

Always communicate with coaches, teachers ,parents and family members for guidance