Mr. William D. Carter
     Founder and Director of ASSIST
 (Athlete Scholastic Support Intiative for Securing Success Tomorrow)

Mr. Carter graduated from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia with a B.S. in Business Administration. He also received his M.A. Certificate  from Virginia Commonwealth University in Non-Profit Management. As a college graduate and former college athlete, he became aware of the need to provide supportive services for inner city youth in maneuvering through the logistics of obtaining a higher education. This need is especially acute among youth who have limited resources and  a supportive network.  Upon recognition of the desires and needs of  youth  he aspired  to establish  a community-based organization, "ASSIST".  

 For more than 20 years , Mr. Carter has been successful in assisting 2350+ young people in gaining entrance into college. ASSIST calls it the “win" column. This accomplishment was completed strictly on a volunteer basis and through the effort, resources and initiative of one person. These athlete/scholars are individuals who thought they could not pursue a higher education.  Many athletes are unaware of the opportunities that are available to assist them in their efforts to gain entry into college. The application and recruiting process can be confusing to most but "ASSIST" guides them through this process  which includes researching and making contact with prospective colleges and universities.

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