Mission Statement 


In many homes young  people do not have the opportunity to play sports or to pursue a higher education. They do not have a mentor or a professional to navigate  useful resources  in preparation for college. 

This is where ASSIST fits in, the mission of the organization is to provide educational, community,  and financial resources that promote equitable  access to post secondary education initiatives  for youth, that assures success as adults in a globally diverse world.

  • The initiative provides a range of activities and services to support young men and women in gaining admission to college and succeeding in the academic environment.

  • ASSIST provides youth  with the  opportunity to attend college by researching prospective colleges, providing  information of financial resources, and assisting students with the  admissions process .

  • Mentoring, tutoring,  and educational seminars  are also provided. 

There are very talented  youth  all over the country, but some become side tracked by limited resources, peer pressures, social environment, and simply lacking the  exposure to colleges and the admissions process.  Some youth who face financial problems at home, are forced to work and have to forego the possibility of pursuing a higher education. Some parents in return are willing to help a child but they do not know where to begin.   ASSIST is here to help! ASSIST aspires to provide a program for  kids  that will allow individuals to thrive at a higher level academically and prepare them  in preparation towards success.

Student athletes in need of assistance are asked to provide an application. ASSIST begins its support process by researching suitable institutions of higher education and works directly with the staff at the college or university to promote the student. Other services provided to prospects include but are not limited to: application procedures, college visits, financial aid applications and other customized assistance. 

ASSIST Student Athletes, is a viable resource for students interested in receiving assistance in gaining entrance into a college.